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Question about HP Blade server

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Question about HP Blade server

Hi everybody


I have in my possession a HP Proliant DL360 G7 Server. It comes with the capacity to support 8 SAS 2.5 HDD

My server works OK. For the moment it is running Xubuntu 18.04 X64 (I know the Ubuntu Server OS edition is more suited to this machine but I will change to the server edition OS in due time). I have also installed a program called veracrypt into Xubuntu 18.04

My question is ......   I have 2 HDD's I want to encrypt and format. However they are 3.5 and not a 2.5 HDD :(

I do have male to female SAS cable I can use to connect one end to the servers backplane and the other end into the SAS 3.5 HDD. The trouble is Xubuntu isnt registering the HDD

What shall I do? The HDD are as follows

Toshiba MK2001TKRB 2TB

Seagate Constellation ES.3 4TB

If anyone can help me get the HDDs recognised by Xubuntu Id be grateful :)

I know this machine was built for 2.5 HDD within caddies but surely there must be the functioning capacity to support 3.5 SAS hard drives?

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Re: Question about HP Blade server

The title to your question is a bit misleading as a DL360 is not a blade server it is a 1U rack server

Are you sure the exension cable is working?  If you connect one of your existing 2.5" drives to the exentsion cable, does the system still recognise the drive?  if the cable is working you need to go into the array configuration utilty and create an array before the OS will be able to access the drive(s)

While using an extension cable from the backplane to the drive isn't supported, there is no reason it shoudln't work


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