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"clearing" VC config from OA?

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"clearing" VC config from OA?

Building on questions I asked earlier:

We're adding a second C7000 to an existing installation. Because of the BL490c blades we're using, we're moving to Flex10 VC-Ethernet. We've decided that trying to migrating the existing configuration is going to be painful, so we're kind-of-sort-of starting over. We're going to bring the new enclosure up in parallel with the existing one and create a new VC domain, with the Flex10 modules being the masters. Once that's staged, we'll factory-reset the original 1/10-F modules and link them to the new domain, and assign pre-created profiles in the new VC domain.

Do we need to do anything to remove the existing VC domain information from the original enclosure's OA modules? Is factory-wiping the VC-eth modules sufficient? We'll be adding the original enclosure to the new VC domain, and want to avoid any flakiness.
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Re: "clearing" VC config from OA?

The command #delete domain
will do the job.

Deleting the domain removes the entire Virtual Connect domain configuration
and resets it to the original defaults. After the domain has been deleted, you are
logged out and the Virtual Connect Manager resets.