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red screen of death via RDP

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red screen of death via RDP


i'm getting red screens of death with an illegal op code message periodically when deploying 2008 r2 to hp server blades (ProLiant BL685c G1)with RDP

this happens during the deployment process only so is not a show stopper after the deployment the server is fine

however would like to isolate what the problem is ... just to double check...

evidence on forums points to his occurring with some firmware versions of the embedded NICs in the HPs when trying to PXE BOOT. All the evidence I found claims that firmware upgrades should resolve this.

however our rdp 6.0.1 server is virtual and i'm wondering if this has a bearing on the matter.

answers on a postcard to....

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Re: red screen of death via RDP

Well the red-screen is a local issue on your blade when it boots. It doesnt even know what an RDP server is at that point.

Why not run the BIOS, Power Firmare, Array Firmware, NIC firmware and HBA firmware updates as the first task of the deployment job, then a reboot. Use the Windows or Linux Online cpxxxxxx packs.