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Replace FC Pass-Thru Module

Occasional Contributor

Replace FC Pass-Thru Module

Hello guys.


We have the following situation and we would like your knowlegde to solve it.  We have a c7000 blade enclosure with two Integrity BL860c i2 and  four Proliant BL460 servers connected to an external SAN using FC Pass-Thru module installed in bay 3 and 4.  The external SAN is using two HP 8/24 SAN Switches.  Since the pass-thru modules just offer 4Gb we want to replace them with two HP 8/24c SAN switch modules so we can reach 8Gb bandwidth.


Our question is, is it possible to remove, without any downtime, one of the pass-thru modules and insert in the same bay one of the new SAN switch module and then configure the zones? If so, what would be the best procedure to achieve this?


I would truly appreciate your help on this.