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replacing Flex10 ethernet module and firmware quesiton


replacing Flex10 ethernet module and firmware quesiton

when you repl a Flex10 ethernet module, does the configuration automatically get loaded to the new module?

Having fimware at different levels will keep the replacement module from loading config???

If the new module has older firmware, i understand you have to do a Domain wide firmware load and cannot do a firmware load to a specific module???? is this true
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Re: replacing Flex10 ethernet module and firmware quesiton

You can insert the "new" Flex10 module into an un-used bay in the back of your chassis. Then you can update the firmware of the new module to match the version that you need it to be.
Under Domain Settings, Firmware Management - you can select one module to be updated at a time. Providing you have the same or newer firmware (within some limits - look at release notes to check for compatibility)

In my environment I removed VC-Enet modules and replaced them with 2 Flex10 modules and this is what I did;
Remove one VC-Enet module (in your case the failed Flex10). In Hardware Overview, selected the Chassis and then the VC module, and there is a button "remove from domain". You can only do this if there are no assignments to use the connections on this VC device.
Then I was able to physically remove one module and put in a new one, and the config was picked up. If you don't "remove from domain", then it will still think that there is a failed module in the bay.
But my example is bad because when I tried to do the second module I lost all communication and configuration because the Flex10 and VC-Enet modules have different configuration settings and are incompatible.

Good luck, should be easy...

Re: replacing Flex10 ethernet module and firmware quesiton

Ok, thanks, it sounds like the key is to remove the module from the Domain before doing this.

I was reading through VC manager release notes and it points out that firmware has to be done "Domain wide". It would make sense you can do the individual module as long as it is not part of the domain

thanks again for the feedback
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Re: replacing Flex10 ethernet module and firmware quesiton

Just a small correction to the above.

It is permitted to upgrade a single module in a VC domain, provided that there is only one enclosure in your VC Domain. See

Page 15, which describes the "Bay" option to the "update" command.