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Rules on how to populate different blades in C7000??

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Rules on how to populate different blades in C7000??

Johan had a c7000 question:




Hi all,


I am not sure if this is FUD or that there are rules when populating different kind of blades in the C7000 enclosure. The C7000 has four cooling zones, and a partner asked me if he can mix, for example:  AMD and Integrity Blades in the same quadrant? I am not sure if this is FUD from the competition or that there are rules indeed, who can answer this for me, maybe point out to some documentation?


Many thanks in advance




Monty had some info for Johan:




Yes you can mix any blades in any zone of the c7000 – whether they are server blades, partner blades, etc.


Obviously mixing full-height Integrity blades with half-height blades limits the location of the half-height blade to the lower bay as there is no shelf to support a half-height blade in an upper bay if you have removed the half-height divider in that partition (exception being a partner blade in the lower bay with spacer attached to the top).


BladeSystem Onboard Administrator c7000 Thermal Logic including zone cooling will successfully cool all combinations of devices.  You will reduce the fan speed in a zone by placing similar blades in that zone – however, just server workload changes from idle to full performance approximately double the power consumption and heat load of a single server blade. 


All of these dynamic changes in workload and support for a variety of blades are completely automatic for the Onboard Administrator.


Please have the customer review the HP c7000 Enclosure Tech Brief 5th Edition on the HP website for more details on enclosure power and cooling, Onboard Administrator management and the I/O architecture of the c7000.




Great info Monty. Take a look at the brief to get more info.