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SB40C handle six SSDs?

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SB40C handle six SSDs?

Does anyone know if the P400M could handle the horsepower of six SSDs? I'm hoping to put them into a Raid 10 configuration (mirrored and striped). Is the P400M controller going to be up to the task of ringing out 500MB/sec or greater horsepower?
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Re: SB40C handle six SSDs?

So it turns out the SB40C is just sporting a basic P400 array controller. The quickspecs are here:

This controller out of the box has only 256MB of cache with no battery backup. So if I'm going to get some serious performance out of SSDs installed in an SB40C it looks like I'm going to have to install the larger 512MB Cache with battery backup (BBWC).

According to the specifications for the card it should be able to do:

# 3G SAS technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 300 MB/s per physical link and contains full compatibility with 1.5G SATA technology.

# x8 2.5G PCI Express host interface technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 2 GB/s maximum bandwidth.

I'm still wondering though if this card is going to be able to handle the MB/sec when it comes down to it.