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Scripting OBA settings

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Scripting OBA settings

I have to admit that I am not a scripting guy and the thought of trying to delve into scripting configurations for changing my OBA settings is not appealing, so here I am.  I am looking for a script that I can change all of my OBA settings so I can just upload the script and all my directory and group settings are updated.  Does anyone have a script or know a site that does?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Scripting OBA settings

Is it a new OA or existing OA you are looking to modify?  Are you just looking to just update LDAP groups?  If you didn't want to script you could do a show all and export it to a txt file.  You can make the necessary changes, or a copy/paste from a good config, save it and then upload it back to the OA (obviously making sure to only update what you want changed).


I've had success using Plink for updates through the CLI.  Here is the link to the CLI guide.