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Sending traps on OA module

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Sending traps on OA module

Can the OA Module be configured to send traps to multiple trap servers? We’re thinking about having the OA module send a trap to every blade in the chassis when a blade failure is detected by the OA module. This will be a confirmation data point in our fault processing logic. We still want all traps to go to the carrier trap server, but if we can send traps to multiple destinations (and ideally only send blade failure traps, not fan/power supply, heat, etc. traps) then it may be something we utilize.

Please let me know if the OA module supports this capability. Thanks.
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Re: Sending traps on OA module

you can add up to 8 trap receivers in the OA fw 3.10/3.11 (probably possible in other versions too). You can't granularly control what traps go where as far as I can tell.