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smartstart 8.30 locale

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smartstart 8.30 locale

I built a couple of C class blades using smartstart 8.30. My issue is I am based in the UK, and the smartstart seems to bypass country selection on the windows 2003 CD. The only option given on smartstart GUI is English US. When windows is installed, I can change the locale on control panel to UK, and restart, and tick the option for default profile. The problem is, some system accounts are still US. I am having to export the control panel settings from the default user registry, to system accounts like local system. This seems messy, and I do worry about unexpected locale issues. Does smartstart not cater for non US English? What about later smartstart versions? It was easier on older versions, as you could select locale during the build on the WIndows install GUI. I am manually changing all the system accounts to UK English in the registry, anything else I need to update?

Re: smartstart 8.30 locale

Hi Ross,

update the ILO and system bios
try a different Smart start CD or download the latest version of smart start.

I am sure it supports UK english.

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