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SNMP Integrations

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SNMP Integrations


I've C7000 enclosure with 12 Blades Bl460c G6 and Two HP Proliant Dl380 G6 servers and I need to integrate with the SNMP Manager,
and there is an option to configure snmp in OA as well as on the ILO as well as the Linux it self, regarding the DLs can be done from ILO as well as the Linux.

so what is the best way to do this?

also where I can find the MIBs?

I got the O/S MIBs but can't find the H/W MIB files.

any one any idea?
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Re: SNMP Integrations


you'll have to provide the IP address of the SNMP management station to all the area's which you want to monitor, so OA, iLO on blade, iLO on the DL380 and also at the OS level (Linux in your case). The SNMP traps send by the OS will be OS specific, theones send by the OA or iLO will be OA/Ilo specific, so if you want to cover all then pls configure it in all places. Besides that you can also add the IP of the SNMP management station to your interconnect modules (i.e. SAN switches, Ethernet switches) so they can alert you directly of any issue they have that might otherwise not be captured by the OA or the OS running on the blades i.e.

The MIB's can be found on i.e. here:




Re: SNMP Integrations


really ideal answer many thanks
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Re: SNMP Integrations


I configured snmp trap on OA bord of the enclosure.

I performed a tcpdump on my destination server

Test Trap is sent by OA is received correctly

In order to perform additionnal test, I reset a blade, the OA.

But no trap is sent.

Is there anything else to be configured ?

How to be ensure that all alarms have been enabled on the enclosure ?

Is there any filter or access list ?


May thanks