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Spp - preventing reboot

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Spp - preventing reboot


          I am deploying 100+ blades utilising SCCM. The SPP is copied locally and executed locally as part of the task sequence.

Since moving to SPP 1806 and newer i have found that utilising smartupdate.bat /s causes a double reboot - so while all SPP components are installed, it kills the task sequence. I have put in a "poor" workaround of moving it to the end of the TS for the moment.

Is there a way to prevent any and all reboots ? i havent seen a command line option for it and the doco that im reading - such as has a /r switch for reboot, but doesnt seem to have a switch for preveting reboot.


Re: Spp - preventing reboot



SPP upated always required reboot its very recommaded you cont stop the reboot you can delay reboot as per convienent 


Reboot delay Syntax --reboot_delay timeout_in_secs (Linux) /reboot_delay timeout_in_secs (Windows) Description Delays the reboot of the server for the length of time that the timeout_in_seconds variable specifies. Defaults to 15 seconds for Windows operating systems and 60 seconds for Linux. Linux systems convert the reboot delay time from seconds to minutes, and any value under a full minute (59 seconds or less) rounds to the next minute. Options Acceptable values are between 15 and 3600. Requirements Use this argument with the reboot option, or the argument is ignored.


you can same in  the below Link  




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