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Stacking links failed

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Stacking links failed

Hello All,
I'm just in the process of configuring a c7000 (first one so be gentle).
On the virtual connect it shows the stacking links as failed for the 1/10gb-f-enet's but not for the fibre ones? these are the links in the backplane that connect the adjacent modules which as far as i'm aware you can not turn on or off?.
I have updated the chassis and interconnects to the latest versions.
Any help would be appreciated.

Stacking Link Link Speed Connector From Connector To
1 10 Gb CRW-BLenc-C-01: Bay 1: Port X0 CRW-BLenc-C-01: Bay 2: Port X0
2 10 Gb CRW-BLenc-C-01: Bay 5: Port X0 CRW-BLenc-C-01: Bay 6: Port X0
3 10 Gb CRW-BLenc-C-01: Bay 7: Port X0 CRW-BLenc-C-01: Bay 8: Port X0
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Re: Stacking links failed

Just as a thought.

Looking at the VC Manager, it shows a red cross next to the Stacking Links, when i click on this it shows the above.
But I have not got any 10gbe CX4 uplink cables connecting the modules vertically as the supplier missed them out.
Is this the cause of the failure? if so its not that clear on the web page.