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Re: Unable to access Active OnBoard Administrator (OA1)

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Unable to access Active OnBoard Administrator (OA1)

I cannot access the OA interface which is active.
In my case it is OA1 which is active.
I have a C7000 enclosure with two redundant OAs (OA1 and OA2).
OA2 is accessible in GUI and SSH but not OA1.
Enclosure IP mode is activated so it is the IP address of OA1 which is always used when I put OA2 in active.
When OA2 becomes active, it is no longer accessible. It is OA1 in standby which becomes accessible.
The network settings are well configured.
The 2 OAs are in the same subnet.
How to reestablish the connection with the active OA?


Re: Unable to access Active OnBoard Administrator (OA1)


Did you try reseating the OA modules?

If not, please try it.

Procedure for the reseat of the OA modules.

Remove and reseat the OA module which is in Stand by.

Wait for a couple of minutes for the stand by OA to boot.

After the Stand by OA is healthy , remove and reseat the Active OA and wait for the OA webpage to respond.


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