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Upgrade ILO firmware

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Upgrade ILO firmware

Hi Guys
I am trying to upgrade ILO firmware which is at version 1.81 at the minute for one of my BL685C.

I have installed HP insight remote support and pushed out these two updates,

1. HP iLO Management Channel Interface Driver for Microsoft -----

2. HP ProLiant iLO 2 Management Controller Driver for Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions -------

HP SUM shows that both the upgdates have been fine i.e. for both but when i look under my system version control agent, the management controler is still sitting at

and i would have thought that this would increase the ilo firmware version on HP onboard administrator for blades (but even that is sitting at v 1.81)

now in HPSUM i have the option of forcing it ??
can someone advise please..... this version of ILO is causing headache by casuing tthe systems to rebot because of ASR.

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Re: Upgrade ILO firmware

If you want to upgrade the ILo FW, you must download the FW, and extract it.

Find FW under windows 2003.
Run the file
select extract.
now you got a xxx.bin file.

Login to the OA
Select the server
under ILo selet webadminestration.
Select administartion
select FW upgrade
browse to file.
click update.


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