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UPS question for BladeSystem - Dual Input or ATS option

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UPS question for BladeSystem - Dual Input or ATS option

Theodore had a customer question regarding UPS support for BladeSystem:




Wondering if somebody have solved my customer question:

They  need a dual input UPS or a switching device named ATS

ATS Automatic Transfer Switching with two different power sources/input

Exemple :


UPS 3000 and 5000 have single input, if this input fails shutdown command is issued.

But in case of Dual power source, there would be a chance to last longer

with the second and different power source before shutdown commands are send.

40 sites involved .




Input from Chris:

ATS itself will be another single point of failure.


Have they considered using two UPS3000, each connected to different power source and wiring their racks for left and right power.  Great majority of computer equipment will have redundant power supplies e.g. servers or the equipment itself is redundant e.g. simple Ethernet switches used in pairs.


Reply from Werner:

Could you share more details about the idea (what do you/the customer want to achieve) and more details about the configuration please –

-          IT Equipment – type – model number

  • With one power supply or with two power supply
  • Amount – total load to (kVA) – per rack

-          Power source

  • Dual / redundant / independent (right)?


In general:

-          HP do not offer ATS

-          There is a way to have redundant UPS which “know” each other and will do not initiate shut down in the case if the “other / 2nd UPS” would get power


Input from Hill:

I have seen customers specify Automatic Transfer Switches but my customers have never purchased them. APC offers a ATS:


When I last checked I believe HP Power Protector supported redundant UPS’s (if needed)


And the reply from Theodore:

The customer admitted that the best solution is to buy a second R/T3000 and use the HP UPS redundancy feature

Like you mention below - This nice feature was not known by me nor the customer

Thanks for help !




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