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using VC for ethernet with passthrough for FC?

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using VC for ethernet with passthrough for FC?

I'm helping put together a c-class blade installation for another (semi-autonomous) division of my company. This is going to be their first time using HP servers, after a long relationship with Dell. They're going to use a Xiotech (sp?) storage array, which has Brocade FC switches and many available FC ports. The end users of this setup want 1:1 connectivity between the blades and the storage array, using a passthrough FC module. They do like the flexibility of Virtual Connect for managing VLANs and other aspects of Ethernet connectivity, and the profile-based addressing for both Ethernet and FC. The port consolidation of the FC modules is of no use to them, though, and they don't want to spend the money.

My questions are two:
1. Can I use FC passthrough modules in conjunction with VC-ethernet?
2. Will VC still handle assigning the WWNs to the HBAs if there are no VC-FC modules present?
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Re: using VC for ethernet with passthrough for FC?

1. yes
2. no