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Valid c3000 configurations


Valid c3000 configurations

Bjarne had a question about valid c3000 configurations.




Hi There


I am trying to configure a C3000 with 5 * BL460  with 1 * 2*10 G FlexLOMs and 2 * 6120 XG switches . When I add the second 6120 XG switch SBW recommends to add a Mezzanine card to the Blade. Isnt this a valid configuration ?



 enclosure error.png



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Don answered:







The reason is the wiring of the C3000 enclosure.  Both Ports on the Flex LOM are routed to Slot 1 on the enclosure.  When you add the second 6120 Switch, it will connect to Mezzanine 1 and will require a NIC.