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VC defined WWIDs only selectively applied!

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VC defined WWIDs only selectively applied!

We have a c7000 chassis populated with 6 VC 10GB Ethernet modules and 2 4GB Fibre Modules. We've not had the easiest of rides with this having last night replaced the second Fibre Midules in 1 year with a hardware error. After replacing the module we flashed all the interconnects to v1.32 of the firmware (we had previously been running the ill-fated 1.30). Since then we've found that many of our issues have been resolved but we're left with one outstanding one which seems impossible:
The BL680 in slot 7 has an Emulex fibre HBA in it. The SAN fabric in the Virtual Connect Manager has been told to use the HP pre-defined range 2 for it's WWID's. When I look at things through the VC Manager it appears that the WWIDS on both interfaces of the HBA in this server are HP-defined ones but when I boot the server into the BIOS config for the Emulex devices it reports that one interface has a HP-defined WWID whereas the other interface has something completely different! The HBA has been flashed with the latest firmware and boot code. When looking at the fabric switches they are showing the WWID's as being in completely different ranges too. Can anybody give any suggestions as to a way of resolving this? Is it a problem with the server, the HBA, the chassis backplane or the VC infrastructure?


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Re: VC defined WWIDs only selectively applied!


open a support call and report this exact problem (second port of Emulex has en issue in a VC config) and the Emulex card needs to be swapped out most likely if it's up to date with lates BIOS and f/w.

A certain range of Emulex mezz. cards seem to have this issue.