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VC Ehternet uplink connectivity


VC Ehternet uplink connectivity

We are going to deploy a new HP BladeSystem setup.
As per equipment list we have;
-->455880-B21 HP BLc VC Flex-10 Enet Module
-->HP Integrity BL860c i2 Server Blade
-->453154-B21 HP BLc VC 1Gb RJ-45 SFP Opt Kit

BL 860c i2 servers have built in 4 x10GB ethernet ports.

And we got RJ-45 SFP kit in order to uplink the VC ethernet swithces.

In this scenario our server's NICs and Swtich downlinks all are opreating at 10Gb, while we are plugging switch uplink with 1 GB RJ-45 SFP.

I just want to clarify if we have 1 GB Uplink, still we will get 10 Gb Bandwidth at server end, would it not be a bottleneck.,

Please assist.

Thanks,Aamir Majeed.
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Re: VC Ehternet uplink connectivity

That depends much network I/O there will be ? Does is saturate the 1Gb link ? How we can know it =)
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Re: VC Ehternet uplink connectivity

Your server to server connection will be 10Gb... (assuming you are talking to another server on the same VC Module pair).

Your server to network speed will be limited by the bandwidth available on the uplink.

You can not push out more than 1Gb through a 1Gb uplink.

Bottleneck: happens when you have more data to transfer than available bandwidth.

How much data do you expect to xfer from the server to the network?

Are you teaming the network interfaces? Load balancing?

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Re: VC Ehternet uplink connectivity

Hi Aamir,

If you have a 10Gb external network, you can have 10Gb all the way. The uplink ports on the Flex10 are 10Gb by default. The SFP's you are using effectively throttle the bandwidth at 1Gb (for those with only 1Gb networks).

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