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VC Enet Module failover question

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VC Enet Module failover question

Have a question in mind. I have 2 x 1/10 VC Enet modules in Bay 1 and 2 of a C7000 enclosure. There are 4 uplinks (trunked) connected to network switches in each of the VCs. The VCs are in active/passive mode. When i pulled out 1 of the 4 uplinks, the active VC failover to the standby VC. Is this normal ? I did configure and tested on different enclosure before but failover does not happen. Anyone can advise ??
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Re: VC Enet Module failover question

That's normal

You have 2 Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs)in your shared uplink set or your Vnet. Each LAG is 4 Gbps. VC uses criteria to determine which of the 2 LAGS will be active. If they are equal bandwidth it usually uses the lowest MAC Address of the connecting switch. If the LAGs do not have equal bandwidth, it prefers the fatter logical pipe.

When you pull the link from your active LAG it is now only 3 Gb and VC fails over to the fatter 4 Gb pipe