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VC-FC connect to SAN switch problem

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VC-FC connect to SAN switch problem

We have recently purchased a 4x HP c7000 and HP VC-10GB Ethernet and a VC-FC redundant module. We have problem make a connect to SAN switches(no link on 3 of 4 VC-FC modules).

Only one SAN switch reported link 2GB-OK to VC FC module. Another switches doesn't works with VG-FC. Each VC-FC modul works with switch one, but none with 2,3,4.

Could you help me what is wrong?

Our SAN consist four of a IBM 2005 B32(OEM Brocade) FW 5.2.0a with NPIV enabled on the fabric. HP recomended FW 5.1.0 or earlier
Each blade has a Qlogic QMH2462 mezzanine card running the latest firmware and drivers for all components. The VC Ethernet Module is in interconnect bay 1 and 2 and the VC FC is in interconnect bay 5 and 6 to ensure the port mappings are correct. These have been verified and are showing as linked properly.

Firmware revisions are as follows:
OBA: 2.10
Virtual Connect Manager (1.21)
VC Eth: 1.21
VC FC: 1.10

Blade software configuration is as follows:
Windows Server 2003 R2 w SP2
Proliant Support Pack 7.91