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VC update failed

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VC update failed

We have a chassis where the OA's have been updated to v3.21 and we are in the process of updating the VC's one at a time to v3.15.
Bay 1 updated to vc3.15 as per the OA, but the VCM claims it is running v3.01 still. Bay 2 is the current primary VC and is still at v3.01. Bay 1 was reset from the OA - no difference.

Running upgrade again, healthcheck, supportdump and so on aborts with "Error: The operation failed". The VCSU log is attached.

Any ideas? This is a production environment.

Bays 1 & 2 1/10Gb VC-Enet
Bays 3 & 4 4Gb VC-FC v1.40
Bays 5 - 8 1GB Ethernet pass thru
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Re: VC update failed

The problem is that your OA cannot talk to the Primary VC manager in Bay_1, (see your log).

"Could not get Primary VCM IP Address from Bay 1"

I would check that the IP addresses are correctly assigned in EBIPA.

Next, log in to the VC Manager and check the status of the Domain.

There was a recent advisory regarding communication between OA and VCM which might be contributing to your problem.

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Re: VC update failed

Oh yes - go for firmware 3.17 now as it fixes lots of bugs.