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VCSU crash during activation

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VCSU crash during activation


We've recently updated OA/VC firmware for a number of c7000 chassis.

We've got 2 x 1/10GB Ethernet VC modules and 2 x 4GB FC modules in each chassis.

On one chassis the VCSU completely crashed when activating firmware at around 30%

When attempting to run VCSU again on this chassis we get;

ERROR: Previous firmware update operation on one or more modules is not completed

and it doesn't allow us to continue.

The GUI shows that it updated the secondary ethernet VC module before crashing

So currently both FC modules are @ 1.40 and we've got one Ethernet @ 3.15 and one at 2.33

Any idea how to continue?

It sounds like VCSU updated all the modules, just didn't finish activating. Would a reseat of the offending modules sort it?



Re: VCSU crash during activation

Hi Jim,

You may loose the configuration if you reseat the modules... if this is new setup you can reseat the module and then check the firmware level...

Also make sure you have latest OA firmware before updating VC firmware..
VC firmware update should be the latest update in c7000 enclosure.

check this... is it related to your issue〈=en&cc=us&taskId=110&prodSeriesId=3201263&prodTypeId=329290

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Re: VCSU crash during activation

We were able to failover VC manager to the ethernet module running 3.15. We then reseated the VC module in bay one.

Once it had rebooted it was running the newer firmware.