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Virtual Connect access


Virtual Connect access

I have just installed a new C7000 enclosure; I have 5 others and am familiar with managing them.
I have gone through the OBA and the entire configuration. I am now trying to configure the Virtual Connect Network Switch.
I can log into the VC, using the provided password, and it launches the wizard for configuration. Step one is inputting the username and password of the local OBA so they can communicate.
The wizard does not accept the username and password of the local OBA. I have confirmed that the account information is correct, because I can log into the OBA directly with that account. I have also setup a separate admin account on the OBA and tried that with no better luck. I will attach a screen shot of the error.
Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Virtual Connect access

That should work. You've already done what I would suggest and created a separate account.
All I can think of is firmware.

Check the OA/VC firmware matrix

Use the HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect Support Utility to update the firmware - this should also verify the OA password is correct.