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Virtual Connect + VMware?!

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Virtual Connect + VMware?!


Still tinkering with my C7000

(2 x VC-FC modules, and 2 x VC-1/10GB Ethernet modules)...

Basically trying now to work out the network side of things..

I have heard people mention that route based on IP hash is not possible with VC, is this true, if so why??

I am looking to basically have 6 NIC's per blade and perform the best aggregation/redundancy I can. I have read the Cookbook guide but it does not really help me understand the limitations regarding VC and IP hash?

I can sort of see the issues as it looks like a lot of the VMware stuff is duplicated in the VC (Shared Uplink and Teaming etc)...

Any tips?
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Re: Virtual Connect + VMware?!

You can only have two NICs with two VC-1/10GB. Are you looking at purchasing four more VC 1/10GB modules?

And i think you find the answer to the hash question here.