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VMware + C7000 Virtual Connect - Last query?!

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VMware + C7000 Virtual Connect - Last query?!


After a lot of playing around I have come up with the final design (See attachment)...

How does this look to the experts out there?

Why have I done it like this?

Although I may waste a little cable consolidation with the pass through modules, they will save a fair bit of cost against Virtual Connect and allow me to keep my existing DMZ setup easily...

SmartLink allows the correct use of load balancing within VMware (Cant do IP hash as server nics are going to different modules)

I think I could perhaps get away with just VLAN Tunnelling only on the vMotion/Service console ports and allow the enclosure to do the VLAN's for the others?

Why have I only enabled 4 ports on each module for Production, basically I do not have enough ports upstream yet. So at the end of this I will have each server with a 2GB (2 x 1GB) link to the interconnects 5 and 6, which will then be throttled down to 500Mb externally assuming averages of:

2 x 250 (If all 16 blades are in)
(4GB link / by 16) * 2...

Have I got this?! Anyone foresee any problems?
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Re: VMware + C7000 Virtual Connect - Last query?!

I think you are wasting money on VC modules just for Vmotion & service console.
Why not make production NICs 1 & 2.

Then you could put cheap Bnt L2/3 switches in for service console and vmotion on 5 & 6.

Are there other ESX servers outside the blade enclosure you want to vmotion to?