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A Virtual Connect Flex-10 FlexNIC MAC address question

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A Virtual Connect Flex-10 FlexNIC MAC address question

Mahesh was looking for FlexNIC help:




Please assist us with the below issue.


HP ProLiant BL620c G7(Full height) Blade server has four Ethernet FlexNIC ports, which are virtualized to a total of 16 ports.

All the ports show OK status in the OA, but the issue is LOM:3-b, LOM:3-c & LOM:3-d and LOM:4-b, LOM:4-c & LOM:4-d do not have an assigned NIC.

Customer installed Flex-10 module on Interconnect bay1 & Interconnect 2 respectively.


example - Under the Mezzanine Device Port column on the OA for this server, we see:

Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC1) LOM:1-a

Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC3) LOM:1-b


Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC9) LOM:3-a

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:3-b

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:3-c

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:3-d

Ethernet FlexNIC (NIC10) LOM:4-a

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:4-b

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:4-c

Ethernet FlexNIC LOM:4-d


Troubleshooting :


1. Unassign the profile and reassign the profile in VC

2. Delete the profile and recreate the profile in VC

3. Swap the blade to a new bay and reassign profile




Help from Monty:




The Onboard Administrator port mapping list is designed to show which interconnect port is connected to each server mezz port.  For Flex-10 and Flex-Fabric mezz cards, there are four physical functions on each port.


The OA gets information from the iLO for the embedded LOM for FLB port labels as a list of NICs.  However, iLO does not report information on any mezz cards.


The OA also gets the Virtual Connect port label (LOM or MEZ with function letter) when VC is present.


In the OA display of port mapping, if the iLO port MAC matches – the OA lists the iLO label for that port (NIC#).

The OA also lists the Virtual Connect port label.


If you apply a VC profile to a server, you need to power on that server and complete POST before the iLO and BIOS report any changes to the embedded NICs.


At that point the OA updates its server port mapping information.




Any other help or suggestions?

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Re: A Virtual Connect Flex-10 FlexNIC MAC address question

Hello friend,

For the Virtual Connect Flex-10 FlexNIC MAC address question, have you solved it? As I met the same issue with you, if you have solved this issue, could you please tell me the method? Thank you for your kindly help in advance.                                                                                                                         


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Re: A Virtual Connect Flex-10 FlexNIC MAC address question

I have installed the OS for the server, and I still found that four of eight NICs do not have assigned NIC. Do you have any method to solve this issue? Thank you.