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FC Path Recovery not working on Windows Servers

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FC Path Recovery not working on Windows Servers



i have following Blade System:

- c3000 BladeEnclosure (OA FW: 4.21)

- 2x VC Ethernet Modules (FW: 3.30)

- 2x VC 4GB/s FC Modules (FW: 1.42)

- 8x BL460c G1 with QLogic Dual Port 4GB FC HBA


On some of my Blade-Server is Windows Server 2008 R2 installed (incl. MPIO HP Drivers). Two servers in the same Enclosure have installed ESXi.

I recently updates my Brocade FC SAN Switches. This is because two of my four pathes to the EVA4400 LUN went down. Thats ok... BUT my Windows Servers did not recovered the two failed pathes - see my Screenshot. My ESXi Servers in the same Enclosure did?! I was a little confused.


So i tried to reconnect the failed pathes an found two workarounds:

1. Restart the whole Windows Server

2. Set the affected FC Port in my Virtual Connect Server Profile to "Unassigned" => Save => Connect the affected FC Port again to its Fabric like before.


So my question is:

Is this behavior normal? I dont think so. I thought the windows server should re-enable the failed pathes automaticly if restarted Switch is back online - like the ESXi do. I have seen other Windows Server on other customer Installations which reconnect their FC Pathes if they are back online again.


Any ideas or Tips? Are there any Settings i should check?




Best Regards