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Has anyone configured Virtual Connect with Nortel Switches?

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Has anyone configured Virtual Connect with Nortel Switches?

Mike had a customer issue he was looking to resolve:




My client just received their new blade enclosures which will be running Itanium servers and HPUX.  They are having issues connecting the VC with their production switches.  They had some issues during their proof of concept but it was resolved going to smaller Nortel switches.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated because they are getting bounced between HP and Nortel support with very little assistance.




Both Chris and Thomas chimed in:

Thomas recalled some info: 

I remember something from long ago that went like this:


A switch that doesn’t understand LACP and/or LLDP (i.e. Nortel 8500-series switches) can attempt to introduce a loop. If the switch doesn’t support LACP, change the uplink port mode from Auto to Failover.


Chris also responded: 

Correct.  A large Nortel shop here in Southern California had issues.  They had to change the Failover Mode from Auto to Failover, as their switches not only didn’t support LACP, they treated LLDP frames as Broadcast frames.


So, do they claim the ports do not become active?  What do they mean by “nether switch, or Virtual Connect see each other?”  That can be interpreted in multiple different ways.


The 8600-series should support LACP.  I would have them verify they are running the latest firmware for the 8600-series switches they have.




Other comments? Have you successfully integrated Nortel switches with Virtual Connect?

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Re: Has anyone configured Virtual Connect with Nortel Switches?

I'm configuring VC with customers 8300 series Nortel switches.


The company managing the switches had configured four 1Gig ports as a trunk, but with some other protocol than LACP (maby some Nortels own?), I don't know what was it, because I don't know anything about nortel switches. I have one VC module (1 sus) connected to these trunk ports, and it behaves rather oddly. With one port, works but loses 2 packets every 20sec or so. With two ports works ok, no packet loss, but other port is standby (because no LACP). With tree ports, loses network connection totally.


I asked about LACP, and they replied that the sotware in 8300 is too old to support LACP, so we are waiting them to upgrade, and then configure LACP.