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Monitoring Virtual Connect using SNMP question

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Monitoring Virtual Connect using SNMP question

Charles had a customer question:




I want to monitor HP Virtual connect using SNMP via Nagios. I wanted the list of SNMP OID's for Virtual connect. Can you please let me know if you can provide this information. If not can you please direct me to the right person.




Input from Fred, Jim and Hiro:




The OA supports the cpqrack.MIB.  The cpqrack.MIB documents the return values for each of the OID's


They'll want to look at the MIB kit. Available here:

The VC MIBs are vc-domain-mib and vc-module-mib.


You can see more information about VC related SNMP mibs in the user guide.


HP Virtual Connect for c-Class BladeSystem Version 3.51/3.60 User Guide

Page 30

Managing SNMP




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