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Multi-Enclosure Stacking Error

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking Error

Steven was looking for some help on a Multi-Enclosure Stacking error that he was getting:




I have 2 enclosures stacked with VC Modules in Bay 1 and 2 in each enclosure. I can import the other enclosure fine but I get errors and no redundancy on VCM shown on the screenshot below.  We are using X7 for stacking ports since 1-6 are being used for uplinks.  Is this an actual problem?




David replied:





                The screen does not show any stacking links between the x8 port in the same enclosure.

Are there any SFPs plugged into any/all of the four x8 port(enc0, bay1, x8 – enc0, bay2, x8 or enc1, bay1, x8 – enc1, bay2, x8)?


When an SFP is plugged into any one of the x7 or x8 ports it will disable the horizontal stacking in that enclosure.




Ed also responded:




Hi Dave and Steve,

I’m having the same issue at another customer site.

They did have the SFPs plugged into 7 and 8 of the Flex-10 module for some reason…

Those are now unplugged and the internal cross connects show up just fine.

The stacking link between the two enclosures is still showing Failed after the importing process.


We are using the standard HP SFP+ transceiver on both ends coming out of Port 1 of Interconnect Bay 1 of both enclosures.

No CX4… and we haven’t yet connected the respective Interconnect Bay 2 modules together.


VC Firmware is v3.15, OA is v3.21




Any other comments or suggestions?


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Re: Multi-Enclosure Stacking Error

Steven was feeling much better:




Ended up being SFP’s in X8 causing the errors, once I removed them the error went away.  Thanks again to Dave and Thomas for the advice.