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Virtual Connect configuration questions

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Virtual Connect configuration questions

Erik was looking to get a file that  had the Virtual Connect configuration info:




Is there a way to dump the Virtual Connect configuration of an enclosure in Asciii ?


I know that the OA config can be dumped if one login with a terminal emulator and telnet to the OA and issue the cmd  “SHOW ALL *”, but this do not have any VC details like server profiles etc.




Steve had a solution:




You can use a terminal emulator that logs sessions like putty to capture a VC show command. Here are some steps:


1. Log on to a system with network access to the VCM.

2. Invoke PuTTY.

3. In the PuTTY Configuration dialog select Session > Logging. Then select Printable output and

enter a filename for the log file. Alternatively, you may bring up the PuTTY Configuration dialog

on an active PuTTY session by right-clicking on the PuTTY title bar and selecting Change Settings.

4. Select Session, enter the name or IP address of the primary Virtual Connect Ethernet module and

click Open.

5. At the command prompt, type show all *.

6. Close PuTTY, and verify and archive the log file.




Any other suggestions?