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Re: Single point of failure for systems

New Member

Single point of failure for systems

Hi all,
I have been tasked with the following.

1.Identify all single point of failures in our server/storage infrastructure by each business application.

So my question is when you take a typical setup like

servers(110 windows servers running 2008, HP blades with Vmware esx4.0w with 6 hosts) ------------>SAN switch----->Storage arrays

What should be the points I should be looking for , I came up with following
1) Single NIC
2) Single HBA
3) Power supply?

I would appreciate if you could come up with your inputs.

Honored Contributor

Re: Single point of failure for systems

Surprised noone responded:

Depending upon the servers, some systems have 'redundant' RAM as well. Be sure your controllers have a battery. Hot spare drives, of course...

Latest bios can solve some issues as time goes on.

You should look further into your 'infrastructure' for UPS/house power/generator and A/C systems as a failure in this can bring the whole house of cards down...
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