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1700-24 A series VLAN Trunking

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1700-24 A series VLAN Trunking

I would like to use the 1700 in our small remote locations. They have a router that will be single interface connection to the switch. I have 7 vlans/subnets at the remote locations. The router/firewall is my Layer 3 device. I have all of he vlans defined on the single interface (tagged). On the 1700-24 I created the same 7 vlans with the same tags. I then placed different ports in to each vlan except that port 24 is the uplink to the router so it is in all 7 vlans. However, no data appears to be passing over the port 24 connection. On one of my higher end switches I did the same thing. I have dhcp servers for each subnet on the router. On the higher end switch, as I moved my laptop to the various ports in the different vlans, I acquired the correct IP for the vlan. But with the 1700-24 I do not get any address. Am I missing something other then creating the vlan and then clicking on the ports that go into the vlan. Is there an additional step needed to trunk port 24 to pass all vlan data. I did click the TAGGED only option for the port


Thanks for any help