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2 ISP, seperated trough Switch

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2 ISP, seperated trough Switch

Hi Networkers,

I have a luxury issue.

I run to ISP connections at home.

1 - ADSL2+
2- FTTH 750mbps

I now have the cables running into my 3Com 5500-EI (no poe) version.

and im having the idea of just creating 2vlans, on port level.
also because im having to deal with 2 DHCP pools, from the ISP side.
but i run an Cisco 877W-M on the ADSL side, and am prepairing to use an Ubiquity USG on the FTTH side.

So i thought it up to use 2 different Pools, but i guess that it will go wrong on the Switch side.

Any advice would be appreciated.