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2910al-24 - Programming Next Hop

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2910al-24 - Programming Next Hop

I have a HP 2910al-24 switch that has an Avaya PBX connected to it. The switch is connected to another switch that is connected to our Lan and a router that goes out to our SIP provider.  When the PBX was set up, they gave it the default gateway to our Lan so the PBX could connect via IP to their facility where they monitor and remote in for maintenance.  This all works.


What we need to do is be able to send SIP traffic to the router that connects to our SIP provider but I can't figure out how (if it's possible) to tell the 2910 to route the SIP traffic tot he router. 


Our Lan network is 192.168.50.x  /23 network

Lan gateway is

The router IP address is

2910al IP is

SIP traffic IP is 10.250.0.x


Can the 2910 be programmed to send 10.250.0.x SIP from the PBX to the router at 


If I put in a rule in the gateway that says anything coming from the PBX gets routed to it works. But then that means all of the SIP traffic will flow over my network, to my gateway and back to the PBX.  I don't want to do that.


The networking people with the company that installed the PBX said we have to get a CISCO 3750 switche and do a bunch of changes to our network to get it to work.  Since the Avaya won't let you put in two gateways that may be what will have to be done, but if I can get the 2910 to work, I'd rather do it that way since it seems all I need is a simple route in the 2910 to point 10.250.0.x traffic to the port of the router.


Thanks for any help on this.




Re: 2910al-24 - Programming Next Hop



The feature you are looking for is called Policy Based Routing - where you can select a specific type of traffic to forward to a next-hop.


Unfortunately, the 2910al is for basic routing, so it does not support this function. From the HP switching side, it is supported on the 5400zl with v2 modules as well as the 5500-EI series stackables. These options are probably more economical than a 3750. 


Best of luck,


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Re: 2910al-24 - Programming Next Hop

You could actually put in a static route into the 2910 for the subnet. Then all traffic destined for 10.25.0.x would go to that destination instead.  All other traffic would go to the default router ( eg:

ip route


The HP 3800 is analogous to the 3750.


BTW, the 2910, 3800, 5400zl used to be call "E Series", and this post should really be in the E Series area!