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3226 software routing

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3226 software routing


My department has been using Superstack 3226 as an edge router. Some days, during some hours, it stops routing and responding to ping. When we can access its page, we see the message below:

Current network configuration requires use of software routing, resulting in degraded performance.

The release notes (sw version is 1.02) says this can happen due to:

a) more then 14 routed subnets - we have 11;

b) unable to contact next-hop routers - it can (at least when it works;

c) no default gateway configured - it is configured;

d) during a short time learning new routes - the problem last for more than 30 minutes, then I have to reset the switch.

Can anyone help me understand what's happening?



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Re: 3226 software routing

Please do not reply to this topic. Sorry for reposting. I though the topic was not posted because I received an error message window (below).


BTW, how do I delete this topic?

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Re: 3226 software routing

Waking up an old thread where a user complained about a bug in the forum software causing many double- and triple-posts. Obviously this bug stayed unresolved since at least three months. In case anybody from 3com should mind to read this: if you don't provide active support in this forum, so please at least keep it in a usable state. PLEASE RESOLVE THE BUG, it's really annoying.