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3CBLSG24 slow link start

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3CBLSG24 slow link start


I have an annoying problem with some devices connected to my 3Com Baseline Switch 2924-SFP Plus. The problem is that the link is not directly up, but take some time to start. For some devices this results in not obtaining a DHCP lease or when configured statically not being able to mount network drives or getting network time. When I insert some cheap switch between the 3Com and the device the problem is solved as this cheap switch simply keeps the link up to the 3Com switch. I have the switch default configured. Software version 01.00.07, boot version, hardware version 01.01.0a.

What can this be?

When checking the 'Device Summary Information' page of the switch I also noticed that it says I have the Plus switch. Although I can't find the PoE capabilities anywhere in the menus.

Thanks in advance,