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3CDSG10PWR-US 802.3ad LACP question.

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3CDSG10PWR-US 802.3ad LACP question.

I have browsed through the OfficeConnect 3CDSG10PWR-US product details, manual etc and was unable to confirm the 802.3ad support.  There are 2 types of 802.3ad LACP - Static and Dynamic, but 3com did not mention which one or both this switch can support.

I have been cheated once by TP-Link TL-SG3109 I bought which says it supports 802.3ad LACP, but when I write to them their answer was :

I am sorry to tell you that TL-SG3109 don't support Dynamic LACP,it only support static LACP.So you should configure the LACP members and groups manually.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.

I do not want the same thing happens again on 3Com, so I need 3com to confirm if this switch really supports Dynamic LACP.

Thank you.

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