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3Com 2928 unable to configure

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3Com 2928 unable to configure


I have a 3Com 2928 24port gigabit switch.

it has been working perfectly, but the lights on the front all flash at the same time constantly, not independantly as you would expect network activity to happen across the ports.

It has been bothering me, so I have been trying to figure out what is causing it. It all seemed to look like a simple spanning tree or looped cable issue, but nothing I did seemed to fix


I reset it back to factory defaults, and through the CLI I reset vlan 1 to give me web access. The problem

I upgraded the software on it to software 5.20 Release 1513P85, Bootrom Version 169.


All seemed to go well, have CLI access, able to confi vlan1 to fixed IP, logged into webinterface as admin.


What I noticed straight away, when I clicked most items in the menu I was taken to a login page, and when I authenticated it took me back to the main config page, so I would click on another menu item, and the same...after doing to about 5 times it told me too many users had logged in, and I need to pull the power on the device to get it to reboot.


I then rebooted it, logged into the web interface and went to users to add another admin account as it recommended, gave it all access, and management level. Logged into this new user account, and got the exact same thing happen.


Almost all menu items I have tried fortce a login page, that then takes me back to the Summary page, so I cant even get to any of the pages even after I authenticate again. So I just go round and round getting nowhere.


There are some pages I can get to, like users for example, so it seems like an suthentication issue...but how to fix it?


Looking for help





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Re: 3Com 2928 unable to configure

I'm having the some issue after a software update (to release 1513P99.


Someone solved this?


Thanks in advance.