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3com 4200g

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3com 4200g


I have created 2 VLANs.  vlan 1. is for server farm ( toatal about 10 units fixed ip servers) and

Vlan 2 is for PC  enviroment.

The IP ranges are  different VLAN 1 = and VLAN 2 =

proposal an unit 3com 4200g as core switch , and 6 units departmental switches model is 3com 2928 to

 be install at JB office Local network environment.

presently firewall act as default gateway  , however that's several units of printer and

 photostate machine with fixed IP and default gateway, located at several departmental switches.

How am I supposed to go about setting up my VLANs and making sure

 I can get traffic from one to the other. Will just this 3Com 4200G be neccesary or do I need router configuration

or more hardware ?