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3COM 4500-26 Port Switch

Occasional Contributor

3COM 4500-26 Port Switch

Hi all,

I just recognized that some switches have checksum issues.

When I enter the "save" command and save the configuration the switch tells me that Unit1 was successfully saved but Unit2s and Unit3s checksum is different from Unit1s and therefore, I think the it doesn't get saved correctly.

I already checked if there would a difference between the units in the configuration but it absolutely looks the same (except the client ports of course).

Currently I'm using this Firmware:  V3.03.02s168p21

I was looking for a solution in the Internet but only found the same question with no real answer.
And if I found an answer, I tried it but it was not successful (for ex re-adding cipher commands).

Does someone know how to fix this without a firmware update?

Thank you,


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