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4500G 5.02 OS Image QoS and voice commands

Occasional Contributor

4500G 5.02 OS Image QoS and voice commands

I just upgraded a 4500G 24 port switch to the latest OS image 5.02 (168 bit).

On the port level, there are two new commands,

qos trust

voice vlan enable.

Q1: Does the "qos trust" command apply to all VLAN traffic or just the default VLAN? In other words, will this port command cause the switch to apply priority for voice VLAN traffic that has been configured to use 802.1p/dscp values?

Q2: Now that the "voice vlan enable" command is now on the port level, I was wondering if there is a way to configure a group of ports at the same time? I used the "port group manual" command and added group port members, but there is no command under the port group to apply the "voice vlan enable" command. I could do this for each port individually but there should be an easier way to do this for a group of ports.

I did look at the guides,including the command reference guide, it looks like the have not been updated to include the 5.02 commands.

Much appreciated for any assistance.