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7500 interfaces

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7500 interfaces



Can anybody say, how many vlan-interfaces with assigned ip addressed (ip interfaces) can I create on 7500 for futher routing between them? Can't find this information in documentation... Thanks.

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Re: 7500 interfaces

Me neither...


This is from the quickspecs:



Throughput 488 million pps
Routing/Switching capacity 768 Gbps
Routing table size 256000 entries (IPv4), 8000 entries (IPv6)
MAC address table size 512000 entries

And along with this info from the datasheet:


Supports up to 4,096 port-based or IEEE 802.1Q-based VLANs; and supports MAC-based VLANs, protocol-based VLANs, and IP-subnet-based VLANs for added flexibility


I would expect it to be able to setup 4096 ip interfaces. Specially since 7500 is in the upper series. I know that 5120 series can do 32 or so ip interfaces and 5820 recently updated from 49 to 400 SubIP interfaces (note that this is regarding sub-interfaces, not primary interfaces). I would expect that 5820 would be able to create 4096 ip interfaces aswell...


Unfortunately HP isnt very clear on this subject, somebody else who might know if there exist some kind of "performance matrix" where this is pointed out how many ip interfaces each model can setup concurrently (along with routing between them)?

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Re: 7500 interfaces



Can't seem to find the information either.

First off I suspect the answer depends on the MPU in use.


JD193B - HP 7500 384Gbps Fabric Module with 2 XFP Ports
JD194B - HP 7500 384Gbps Fabric Module
JD195A - HP 7500 384Gbps Advanced Fabric Module
JD220A - HP 7500 768Gbps Fabric Module


I have a 7503 using a JD193B: so I tried creating lots of them and enabled them.

for my hardware config here is what happened at the 1025th vlan interface.



[325-xf0-ags-1]interface vlan-interface 1024
[325-xf0-ags-1-Vlan-interface1024]ip address
[325-xf0-ags-1]vlan 1025
[325-xf0-ags-1-vlan1025]name tvlan1025
[325-xf0-ags-1]interface vlan-interface 1025
 The number of VLAN interfaces exceeded the maximum.

The memory configurations on the JD194B and JD220A are similar to the JD193B, so i think they might have a limit of 1024 aswell. The JD195A have more memory and might be different.



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