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802.1x authentification with mac-based ports

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802.1x authentification with mac-based ports

Hello everyone,

I tried to do my test-lab for "802.1x NAP enforcement" (server 2008 R2). We did successfully this. Then i realised, that there is necessary to have more clients (supplicants) in one physical port connected (1 desktop PC with 2 virtual PCs for example). I decided to switch port mode from "port-based" to "mac-based". Then i have found some troubble with our 5500G-EI switch. When 1st supplicant is connected and authentificated, authentication server can switch supplicant between vlans - it works fine. When 2nd supplicant is connected and authenticated to the same vlan as 1st supplicant, it works fine too, but when authentication server switch 2nd supplicant into different vlan by RADIUS message to our switch, our  5500G-EI switch will disconnect 2nd supplicant. 1st supplicant switching still works fine. It looks like our 5500G-EI switch cannot serve more mac-based supplicants correctly. I have tried this with another switch from another brand with good result. What can be wrong? Is it bad configuration or is it a bug?


Thank you for any help.


Jiri Simek



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