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[A5500-EI] locked out from serial console?

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[A5500-EI] locked out from serial console?



I wanted to connect to a A5500-EI with serial cable. The problem is, that I cannot login and change something, i.e. 


At user login it tells mit to hit enter to log me in, I hit enter,  but nothing happens.

I rebooted to enter preboot menu with CTRL+B,but it doesn´t let me in while pressing CTRL+B.


With other switches I have no problems, so I am asking myself whether it is possible that one can completely lock me out from using the serial console? And of course the question would be how I can reenter?

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Re: [A5500-EI] locked out from serial console?

I know it seems obvious, but have you checked for any cabling problems? I've run across a couple of devices recently which i couldn't connect to using my USB serial adaptor, but could connect to using a traditional serial cable.  With some devices, i could receive data (i.e. see the boot-up), but not send it (i.e. type into the console).