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Can't find "voice vlan # enable" on an A5500 switch


Can't find "voice vlan # enable" on an A5500 switch

Good morning.  


I have E5500 series switches in my environment and I am now testing out an A5500.  I am attempting to setup my voice vlan parameters and I want to enable "voice vlan # enable" globally on the switch but the command is not available.


From the documentation it ought to be available.  But I am at a loss.  I would expect this to be configured with my "voice vlan mac-address 0800..." command for our mitel phones.  But the command option simply isn't there.


If anyone could enlighten me or point me in the correct direction, it would be appreciated.





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Re: Can't find "voice vlan # enable" on an A5500 switch

did you ever find this global command at all?


i'm also struggling to find it on my spanking new a5500 IRF stack.

latest firmware.


seems to go in ok at the interface level, but i have 400+ interfaces on this stack!


all the manuals point to it, but the command just isnt there!


i've searched through HP troubleshooting area's and manuals to no avail.


if you could let me know if you did find this, that would be great. i'm on tkett(at) if anyone knows how to find the correct global entry.


glad im not going mad anyway.


thanks all.


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Re: Can't find "voice vlan # enable" on an A5500 switch

oh and just to add to the frustration, it doesnt look like the port-group manual command allows you to input "voice" commands into it.... arghhhh.


i'm not configuring each seperate port manually....  will have to get a little script together to add that 1 line to each and every interface (adjusting for unit numbers on the stack).



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Re: Can't find "voice vlan # enable" on an A5500 switch



There is no global voice vlan command. The voice vlan is located under the interface. This allows you you configure multiple voice vlans on 1 switch if required (for multi-tenant environment for instance).


All current firmware images support the interface range command. The original port-group was limited in functionality, so you better use the interface range, which supports all interface configuration commands.


Up to 6 ranges of consecutive ports can be defined in 1 interface range command.


As a general note, if the phones support LLDP-MED, it is recommended to use the interface command lldp voice vlan x and configure the port as a hybrid/trunk with the voice vlan as tagged in a static way.


Hope this helps,

Best regards,Peter

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Re: Can't find "voice vlan # enable" on an A5500 switch

thanks for the info Peter.
I didn't know about the addition of the interface range command. tried it out... very nice.. at last a decent way to configure the switches.

as for the lldp voice vlan option, i'll give it ago. I know the mitel phones chatter on lldp, though we've traditionally (on the old 3com switches (5500's etc)) set qos manually (default qos profile) rather than use voice vlans, so i'll give this ago.

thanks again.