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Cascade with 4228G

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Cascade with 4228G

Good morning to everybody,

it's the first time I write on this forum ...I take the opportunity to greet everyone!

I have to configure 4 4228G 28-ports switches.

2 ports are 'UP' and 'DOWN'.

My idea would be to put them in cascade, but as I'm not so confident with these hardware I have some questions:

1 - Should I connect the router to the 'UP' or the 'DOWN' port of the first switch?

2 - Then how do I connect the second switch? The DOWN port of the first has to be connected to the UP port of the second one?

3 - Can i connect the last switch to the first using the same method (Port 'UP' with port 'DOWN') to create failover or this can cause conflict on the network?

thank you in advance for your help!

best regards