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Connect new E4210G to old HTC5600-26C (in Stack)

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Connect new E4210G to old HTC5600-26C (in Stack)

Hi everybody,


we have 3 HTC5600-26C switches in a stack and we want to connect a new HP E4210-48G to this stack.  Unfortunately there are no extension modules available for the HTC5600. The only way to connect the HP E4210 to the HTC-stack is on some 1GB ports. Can we build on each switch a trunk or a link aggregation? And if it is possible, how many ports can we stack together? We want a connection between 10GB an 15GB.


A Note: The new HP E4210-48G will connect to another HP E4210-48G at 10GbE SFP fiber (JD368B + JD092B), 300 feets away in another server room.


many thanks

Thomas K.



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Re: Connect new E4210G to old HTC5600-26C (in Stack)

Hi Thomas


The H3C5600 is the same as the HP E5500G. you can use the modules from it.


if you wont try it: you can create a linkaggregation with max 8x 1Gbit betwenn the H3C5600 and the 4210G




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